Sunday, May 31, 2009

With the Mediterranian to My Left, and the City to My Right

There's nothing like a day in the city with your friends. Just spending hours chilling by the dock on a nice patch of green grass. The constant shifting from being in the sun and being in the shade. Hahaha, I love Barcelona. This city will always be in my heart. It's so refreshing to realize that you don't really need to be doing anything to be having a good time. It's times like these that we will value, the effortless friendships and the pointless laughing fits. I can't wait for SUMMER 2009, it will be legend-wait for it-dary.

Exams soon = slightly stressing.

[Feelings Show - Colbie Calliat]

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to Break Out Those Short Shorts

As the summer swiftly approaches the days are getting longer, and hotter. I've found the heat quite delightful and uplifting, although annoying at times. It's amazing how much the sun affects our moods. I swear, just seeing the sunrise every morning can make life feel worthwhile. Here in Sunny Barcelona the weather is simply perfect, blue skies and cool breezes. It really makes me want to just be outside, to be in the city, or by the beach. I believe it's time to let those winter pale bodies soak in the sun and time to break out those short shorts. :]

[Fairytale - Alexander Rybak(Eurovision!)]