Monday, June 29, 2009

About Time to Start a Countdown Eh?

So things change.
Plans are never certain are they.

Turns out I'm leaving this amazing city on the 11th of July. Next Saturday I believe. That means that I've missed some proper goodbyes and really need to get on with writing all those soppy goodbye letters. Wow. I really need to write a to-do list. Multiple ones maybe. Hahahaha, wow that's pretty pathetic. I think we really need to learn to appreciate the time that we have doing this as simple as walking in the city center, or siting in a park so that we don't regret anything when those times have faded.

I love my friends to death and will miss them so much when I can't see them everyday. For now, I'll spend and enjoy every moment I have with them. BCN '09.


[All We Are - OneRepublic]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lines and Dots

Sometimes, what we want to say can be said in a matter of words. Sometimes it takes full sentences. Yet we depend on these words to get a meaning across. I feel that even though words are effective and perhaps clearer, one look or expression can tell a person exactly what I'm thinking, if only they choose to pick up on that.

Pity. When someones says they feel sorry for you, should that make you feel better? Or does it in fact make you feel worse because its established that you're in a position that sucks (thats what she said). How does one respond when a friend says "Oh man, I feel really sorry for you." Do you reply with a thank you? Or a "Yeah I know right."

When does the idea of a goodbye really kick in? Is it after a few hours, a few days? It sucks when you realize that you really need that singular persons wise words and supportive advice, and they aren't present to give them. Maybe even when you just miss their ridiculous laugh. I love you Johanna and I miss you. Real friends are hard to come by.

So after these few words, what has happened, what has changed. Nothing, but perhaps I've received peace of mind or simple acceptance. Who knows, I guess it doesn't even really matter.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Just Want To Be Dancing...

I think that I have managed to watch Dirty Dancing Havana Nights more than ten times in the past two weeks. Hahaha, I just love it so muuchooo <3. So there are two major events coming up:

Gaby's "Celebrate the Summer" Party on Thursday and
Camping in Costa Brava from Saturday to Monday.

I can't wait for either :]

So exams are done and school is almost out for summer! However, that just kinda gets me worried about next year and IB and all. Been really chill the past couple of days, went to a fun pool party/sleepover on Saturday. Makes me really not want to leave.

[Push - Enrique Iglesias]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Yay, made my account today. Heres my first look.

It's so hot its almost unbearable! Ugh. But I love the summer, just maybe need a personal portable AC or an small electric fan. Hahaha, so exams are next week which is stressful but I can't wait to get them over with. Summer parties are always the best. Still, the sooner school ends the sooner I have to leave this beautiful city to go and suffer in humid Singapore.

Math test tomorrow, should be studying. Think I'll try and do that.

[Romeo and Juliet - The Killers]

Monday, June 1, 2009

And Then While I'm Away, I'll Write Home Everyday.

Started packing up my room this morning, which makes me sad. Put all my books and notebooks and magazines into a box. Then went out to meet Felipe and spent another day just strolling around Barcelona. Closer to the beach this time though. Sat near the water where we got attacked by a mini poodle, twice. Then in a parkish area in the greenest spot of grass. Took a bunch of photos, and ate some plants. Well at least he did.

Puns. Question: is it more difficult to make puns or to understand them? And what about those times when you think someone made a pun, but they hadn't intended to, hahaha, I think that takes skill.

The whole, the sun is out for longer during the summer thing, is so awesome but so horrible at the same time. It totally screws up my mind clock and i never get any work done because I always think it's still early. It's good though, because when you're out you can stay our for longer without getting afraid of creepy dark alleyways and psycho-killers.

Watched Across the Universe a couple days back and now can't stop singing Beatles tunes.


[All My Loving - The Beatles]