Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekends Seem to Have Lost their Appeal

I never thought those words would ever cross my mind :S
I feel like I just waste away during the weekends, sleep too much, eat too much.
Never get anything done.
During the week, at least school is a distraction. Even then I don't know what it is that I feel the need to be distracted from. This is confusing.
I feel nothing right now, I have no long term goals, aims, nothing to look forward to.
Just more IB work and more meaningless conversations.

I love the city, just not this one.

[Sunday Best - Augustana]


  1. that reminds me of argentina, when i was really depressed and would kinda get sick when i was on the bus home (family troubles) so i'd just skip the going home and pretend i was going out with somebody. i'd go see a movie by myself or something. and then when i was home i'd just spend hours on my bed without being able to get up...

  2. i feel like i dont have any goals either... and weekends arent that fun anymore. and this city loves youuu. <3

  3. i've felt like that for the past time :( it will get better baby :) well, it did for me, cos i had bcn to look forward too :) and trust me, soon you'll have me coming to visit you :D so, you better look forward to that :) I LOVE YOU and don't forget that okay? :) i misss you too, a lot :( and don't worry, some day we will storm back to barcelona together, and damn, it better look out for us when we raid the clubs and march on the streets :)