Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Matter of Boots

Warning: This blog suffers from extreme mood swings.
*note to Felipe - I have not abandoned my blog.
PS: Sorry this turned out to be such a long post.

I miss the cold. I miss freezing on the beach or mountain at night.
I miss the random hailing, and sludgy ice. I miss wearing boots.
Hopefully though, I will be able to during my visit in New Years.
If I can find them that is...

On a somewhat lighter note,
Report cards were mailed, and I did not awesome but alright.
Its just quarter grades though, I'll pull them up before the semester end.
That means exams. Which will probably occur end November and early December.
Which means I will be super cramming on my birthday for exams the next morning.
Oh joy.

On an even lighter note,
This is something that a friend wrote, but I haven't told him I'm putting it here.
Not that it really matters, he will never know. I found it really quite funny, it definitely brought a smile to my face.

There she stands, magnificent and slender. Her outline so polished and curved to fine detail. The chrome shine reflecting the sun's bright light, defining the very essence of perfection. She stands with such strength and posture no human being could ever maintain for such a period of time. The energy flowing through immediately alters the atmosphere in the room. She brings such passion and optimism out of her surroundings. The single bundle of darkness upon her head emits such contrast to the heavenly light emitting from her face. A price tag dangles from her leg, $150. The first thought through my mind; God, I need this lamp.

Written by Sebastian Kratz.

As for everything else in my life and on my mind, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

"Welcome to the point, the point of no return. Let the past ignite and memories burn. I say, welcome to wherever you are."
[Welcome to Wherever You Are - Ten Second Epic]


  1. Jamiesonn im with gabey right now
    i miss you so muchhh!!!!
    ahahah and that lamp thing, LOL.
    okay buy tickets? lets skype soon and you buy the tickets yesh? :) im so excitedd!

  2. haha it's not like barcelona's THAT cold.

    you make it sounds like it sludges and hails all winter. and it doesn't even sludge.

    good luck upping your grade, i too need to do that. don't know what my quarter grades are but i am sure they're not good enough.

    ahahaha and i love your friend's story/ description, it's very ingenious.

    by the way, congrats on not ditching the blog.