Monday, August 17, 2009

Hug Deprevation

I know it might sound pathetic, but I really miss the tons of hugs I used to give and recieve back in Barcelona.
I've told my parents this, to which they then proceed to try and hug me but it's not the same. Of course it isn't.

School is getting better, IB is getting more hectic. And its only the second week. Save me. No, not really.
I can't wait for next summer, but then again I'm in touch with my nerdy side and am actually enjoying most classes.
I don't get economics for crap though. I'll have to read the textbook.

Should be getting a new laptop soon, which I am super excited and happy about. It's gunna be a Macbook Pro.
I'm converting. And I guess I'll just see how my life goes from there.

ps. thanks felipe for helping me with my spanish homework. i thought you deserved a shoutout :]

[Unwinding Cable Car - Anberlin]


  1. wish you were here and i send you a virtual hug. :] and uuuuuugh i wouldve helped you with ur spanish hw but my mom made me go study :( ily

  2. ::D:D::D:D:D:D:DD:D: I got a shoutout!!! hahahah!!! you're welcome for the homework, I hope you do okay. I love econ. hahahah I'm missing it a lot, although there are annoying people in the class.

    Ah and kudos on the laptop, you should start youtubing/vlogging.

    Well, I don't like hugs and was never good with them anyway. I probably hug like your parents.

  3. jamious babioussss, i love how your parents are giving you hugs to help you :] it sounds very cute. hahahaha :) i'm giving you some creepy cyber hugs. you take econ too? me too! and it's really easy here, so far... but then again, we were doing number lines in math SL, so we'll see how everything goes. remember, i'm sending you some hugs :) misss you my little asian.