Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'll Try to Smile

Been doing some much needed songwriting/venting.
Here's the product:

"Sometimes I wish I could wake up back in Barcelona,
where the sun is shining and my friends are smiling
and waiting for me.

I miss the view of the city from the mountain top,
miss watching my friends blaze up.
I miss walking through the city streets and planning
parties for next week.

I miss how we could be anywhere at anytime it didn't
even matter. Just as long as we were together.
And I'll bet you a million dollars that won't change,
next time we see each other it will be exactly the

That's all I got so far. I really shouldn't have stopped playing guitar
for three weeks, now my fingers are in pain. Hahaha :]

I've decided to stop hating the present and appreciate the past instead.

[Smile - McFly]


  1. yeah appreciate the past, but always give the present a chance. if you don't, you're just wasting all your time. and i mean you don't have to let go of your friends at all, just find room to enjoy the little things in every day. after all, you're with your family, you can write songs, you can take walks (probably into AC'd stores, because it's really hot out.)

    Summer is so boring and long.... :)

  2. response to your post:
    haah i swear i was drinking coffee.
    and yeah, i need to master a lot of the voice tone/ looking at the camera. because i really had to force myself to look straight ahead, instead of down on the screen. and what i say looks really forced.

    you should vlog too, with your cousin or alone. you can post them on your blog, like me.

    ah and i shall send you a letter, but i need to find out prices first.