Monday, June 29, 2009

About Time to Start a Countdown Eh?

So things change.
Plans are never certain are they.

Turns out I'm leaving this amazing city on the 11th of July. Next Saturday I believe. That means that I've missed some proper goodbyes and really need to get on with writing all those soppy goodbye letters. Wow. I really need to write a to-do list. Multiple ones maybe. Hahahaha, wow that's pretty pathetic. I think we really need to learn to appreciate the time that we have doing this as simple as walking in the city center, or siting in a park so that we don't regret anything when those times have faded.

I love my friends to death and will miss them so much when I can't see them everyday. For now, I'll spend and enjoy every moment I have with them. BCN '09.


[All We Are - OneRepublic]


  1. as for this friend, i believe we only have this day to say goodbye...
    ... :(
    so we'll make it a good one, and try to score our quadruple combo in it hahah :)

  2. BABY! don't make a count-down! unless it's something that's nice and good to count down to. okay? :)
    and also, you owe me a letter. like i owe you one :)
    ILY <3 and enjoy every single second a little extra for me okay? :) i love you and i miss you. and i think it's time for me to update my blog.

  3. <333
    JAMIE! the song! aaaaaaah you're so right that this is like a super goodbye song and uuuh :( please don't leave me. and i want a letter :) and when are we hanging out?
    i love youu
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    and that picture <3 i love you three muchisimo. JGJN