Monday, June 15, 2009

I Just Want To Be Dancing...

I think that I have managed to watch Dirty Dancing Havana Nights more than ten times in the past two weeks. Hahaha, I just love it so muuchooo <3. So there are two major events coming up:

Gaby's "Celebrate the Summer" Party on Thursday and
Camping in Costa Brava from Saturday to Monday.

I can't wait for either :]

So exams are done and school is almost out for summer! However, that just kinda gets me worried about next year and IB and all. Been really chill the past couple of days, went to a fun pool party/sleepover on Saturday. Makes me really not want to leave.

[Push - Enrique Iglesias]

1 comment:

  1. continuing IB makes me scared of starting school next year... that and finding the school so empty. :(

    P.S. pool party at your house + futurama soon would be awesome. i guess we could watch futurama at mine or lucas'.