Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lines and Dots

Sometimes, what we want to say can be said in a matter of words. Sometimes it takes full sentences. Yet we depend on these words to get a meaning across. I feel that even though words are effective and perhaps clearer, one look or expression can tell a person exactly what I'm thinking, if only they choose to pick up on that.

Pity. When someones says they feel sorry for you, should that make you feel better? Or does it in fact make you feel worse because its established that you're in a position that sucks (thats what she said). How does one respond when a friend says "Oh man, I feel really sorry for you." Do you reply with a thank you? Or a "Yeah I know right."

When does the idea of a goodbye really kick in? Is it after a few hours, a few days? It sucks when you realize that you really need that singular persons wise words and supportive advice, and they aren't present to give them. Maybe even when you just miss their ridiculous laugh. I love you Johanna and I miss you. Real friends are hard to come by.

So after these few words, what has happened, what has changed. Nothing, but perhaps I've received peace of mind or simple acceptance. Who knows, I guess it doesn't even really matter.


  1. jamie... :)
    i already wrote this, pretty well written, i must say, and my internet failed on me. so i shall write once more the point of my post... i don't really know if saying ' i feel sorry for you' is good or bad, and it probably doesn't matter. what i do know is that i have been in your situation (and will probably go through it again really soon...) and all i can offer is companionship, a listening ear or a watching eye (for gestures). haha
    well, also i want to say that i don't know what you should do to get over it, and i don't know if you should get over it, but you should let it all out. in a way it's a celebration of your friendship with johanna, and the good times you've spent together, and of course it's cathartical...
    good friends are really hard to come by, and really once you lose them you actually get the 'loved and lost' saying. honestly throughout the years i've learned that i'd rather go through the pain of losing somebody dear than not meeting them at all, because of all the good times spent with that person. it's also the reason i'm choosing to live some present friendships 'til the end, even if it hurts even more... i guess that i believe that the pain is only temporary, while the good memories will always remain... and of course, so will the friend...
    johanna is still out there loving you :)

    p.s. we can talk about this when we meet :)

  2. okay jamie this is so beautiful i even let a tear fall.. or more than one.. haha yes, as cheesy as it may sound.. ugh i just cant imagine my life without the three of you next year. its been one of the best years of my life :) thank you so much for everything. to you, to johanna and to gaby. you three mean so much to me.

  3. aw, this is too much more for me. first reading noa's post and then reading this. jamie, this is beautiful. and i miss you so much. i'm crying and i probably look like a mess cos i was just gonna do a photo thing so had my makeup all fixed, but it was worth it. You're totally right how sometimes close friends can tell immediatly how one feels by just looking at their face. Same with the pity one. When someone says "i feel so sorry for you" i never know how to respond. i usually just respond with a nod. like "yeah i know." but, like i said to noa, i will always, always be there for you. and i will try to give you some crazy advice (even though it might be a totally rediciulous one) and try to make you smile :) go on skype sometime babe :) let's have a date! i love you jamious <3