Monday, June 1, 2009

And Then While I'm Away, I'll Write Home Everyday.

Started packing up my room this morning, which makes me sad. Put all my books and notebooks and magazines into a box. Then went out to meet Felipe and spent another day just strolling around Barcelona. Closer to the beach this time though. Sat near the water where we got attacked by a mini poodle, twice. Then in a parkish area in the greenest spot of grass. Took a bunch of photos, and ate some plants. Well at least he did.

Puns. Question: is it more difficult to make puns or to understand them? And what about those times when you think someone made a pun, but they hadn't intended to, hahaha, I think that takes skill.

The whole, the sun is out for longer during the summer thing, is so awesome but so horrible at the same time. It totally screws up my mind clock and i never get any work done because I always think it's still early. It's good though, because when you're out you can stay our for longer without getting afraid of creepy dark alleyways and psycho-killers.

Watched Across the Universe a couple days back and now can't stop singing Beatles tunes.


[All My Loving - The Beatles]


  1. welcome to blog. :)


    i like the pictures, hopefully i'll soon see the others and have a new facebook profile.
    also, i like the one of you.

    and it's nice that you remembered all our conversations hahahaha nearly word for word.

    summer's nearly nearly nearly here! (i guess there's some sad parts but for me those never come)

    listen to summer skin by death cab for cutie
    i've asked you 20 times if you know them and i never remember your answer.

  2. so cool! i am now following you jamie :D