Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Yay, made my account today. Heres my first look.

It's so hot its almost unbearable! Ugh. But I love the summer, just maybe need a personal portable AC or an small electric fan. Hahaha, so exams are next week which is stressful but I can't wait to get them over with. Summer parties are always the best. Still, the sooner school ends the sooner I have to leave this beautiful city to go and suffer in humid Singapore.

Math test tomorrow, should be studying. Think I'll try and do that.

[Romeo and Juliet - The Killers]


  1. that picture's amazing, your sister's got skills.

    what does .nu stand for anyway?

    nu zealand?


    mmm don't think about your moving until you've already moved. you waste time being sad.

  2. yay! so now, i finally created a blog, so that i could comment. i counldnt figure out how to comment unless i had a blog, so yay. maybe i'll keep it up, maybe i won't. i dunno... haha.
    anyway, i like the light in the photo, it's very nice :)

    Felipe nu means now, in swedish :) and most nordic countries use that. im not sure why thoughhh...

    anywayyy, i shall read some more of your blog later jamiesonwang :)

  3. you're an ex blogger that's repentant

    thing is that i didn't mean it to come out the way it did

    it wasnt new/ repentant bloggers / ex-bloggers

    it was

    new/ repentant bloggers/ ex-bloggers.

    hahaha so it was more dedicated to you than you expected.

  4. YES Jamie, i got one too :]
    ive always wanted one. hum, i thought i had posted something on your blog already :S oh well. ;) bonjour madame. your blog makes me love barcelona even more. and yay, summer is finally here. we've been waiting for this too long!